Wandering the World for Women – The Update

Many of you will remember that last year, I began to embark on a monster travel challenge for charity; ‘Wandering the World for Women’. The goal was to visit all 193 countries before I turned 23 (giving me three years!), in order to raise awareness of gender equality, inspire other young women, but also to raise money for two amazing Women’s charities. If you haven’t a clue what I am blabbering on about, I’ll leave a link to the original mission page HERE, so you can catch up!

I have been rather quiet in the blogging world for a few months down to the fact that I have been building up the courage and working out exactly how to write this specific post. But I’ve realised I just need to be honest.

My mission has changed slightly. I no longer am aiming to visit all 193 countries in the space of three years. I do not want to cram so much adventure in to such a short space of time.

Spending 5 months backpacking across Europe/Russia, trying to hop into as many countries as possible made me realise that this is definitely not the way to travel. When I visit a country I want to spend a decent amount of time there so I can learn its culture, its history and its way of life. Travel shouldn’t be about ‘country counting’. I’ve realised that my love for travel is the learning and the growing. I can’t do that by spending 2 days in each country!

Yes, ultimately I do want to say I’ve explored every corner of the earth, and visited all 193 countries; however I mostly want to be able to say that I’ve been a part of every country. I want to plant myself there, growing and developing myself through their culture. Spending longer in each country allows me to see different areas. I am able to learn the different ways of life from one city to another, try different foods, meet incredible people and experience various cultures. I have stepped foot in a country for 2 days in the simple aim of adding it to my country tally, however through this I am not really able to tell you much about that country. And that is quite depressing!

I am extremely thankful to those who already donated to this amazing mission. I want to make you all aware that every individual gift I was given were appreciated hugely by me and the two incredible charities this was for; Womankind Worldwide and the Fawcett Society. The money that was raised has been divided evenly between the two organisations and will go towards other incredible missions for women.

Writing this post, does bring a sadness to me and a feeling that I may have let you all down from what I originally promised and set out to do. I do however want to make you aware, that although my timescales have changed, the purpose and aim behind the entire mission is still at the heart of my adventures.

I still aim to inspire other young women to take this world by the hand and do what they want within it. I have an ambition to create a movement of girls and women who do not fear people, society or their own negative thoughts. My heart still beats for women across this earth that struggle day to day with a variety of problems (trafficking, manual labour, exhaustion, a lack of self-confidence), and will always work to find ways of making us all free.

I want to keep the ‘Wandering the World for Women’ alive hopefully making it into a platform and society where women can wander together, inspire each other through their stories and find a source of support for whatever they might be facing. I want to create a community of courageous and loving women across the globe, who can connect and grow in strength together. This is a developing project, and something that I hope to bring you more news about in the coming months.

I guess I will just end this post with a thank you. Thank you for your support in the past, and the ongoing support I receive now. Stay tuned for more coming to this space in the next few months now I have got that off my chest!

I am constantly making an adventure out of life, and looking for a new story around every corner. You can follow all my adventures here on the blog, subscribe to get a little email each time I post so you can travel along with me. Also, follow of me on my Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and photos.

Inspiring women and showing them that they have the ability to do what they want in the world, is the main aim of this blog. It is the reason I document my adventures and travel stories. I want to show women and girls, that the world is their oyster. Just go out, and grab from it what you want.

A x


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