New Year – Punishment or Positivity?

At the start of the New Year, everyone looks at the “bad sides” of their lives, the things they need to change. I did the same come the 1st of January. I was punishing myself again saying “why haven’t I travelled more?” and “what am I doing just lying at home?”. I branded myself lazy, uninteresting and the definition of a human sloth.

I’ve spent almost 5 months at home doing nothing. 5 months without travel; without even a single blog post being drafted. The “New Year, New Me” stereotype causes us to beat ourselves up. I have definitely fell into that trap.

However, after spending a few days thinking about this I want to address something. Resolutions should not be about punishing ourselves; why can’t it be something positive?

I mean, yes I haven’t travelled or blogged in 5 months. But I have had the most amazing adventure focusing on being at home. I’ve had the time to really be with my family. I was lucky enough to stand at the top of the aisle as my big sister got married and be there for her as she took a next big step. I have enjoyed many coffee/lunch dates (happily gaining several inches) with various members of my family. I’ve been able to volunteer with my mum, watching her love the challenge of a new job. Then there was the fun family Christmas, with a massive Roast Goose and plenty of drooling when playing “Speak Out”. And lets not forget being able to watch The Great British Bake Off!

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These 5 months have been filled with love and laughter with Adam. There have been many nights out, silly dancing and devouring fillet steaks with bottles of red wine. We’ve shared to day trips to beautiful parts of Northern Ireland. Road trips with some ‘disastrous’ but also pretty fabulous singing. Some of my favourite mornings have been lying with Adam, staring at the ceiling having hour long debates over subjects like “why our toes are different shapes” (that was his idea not mine!). I’ve had the pleasure of joining his family on a gorgeous break in Galway, getting merry on Gin & Tonic and Guinness.

I’ve been able to explore the Mourne Mountains several times. Conquering Sleive Donard, Sleive Binnian and enjoying the peace of Silent Valley (although it’s not all that peaceful when you take all of the Peeks!). We’ve built camp fires to cook sausages, boil water for tea and to keep warm whilst eating birthday cake.

The past 5 months have also lead me to securing a new job to rebuild my funds for the next bits of travel. I’ve been determined taking on extra hours, drawing in every penny possible. I have made fantastic new friends; girly friends! We spent another lush weekend in Galway in a Mongolian Yurt, carved pumpkins, made home-made nachos, got giggly on wine and probably helped each other eat enough food to feed the 5000.

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Here’s me sitting beating myself up that I have done nothing for 5 months, when really I’ve had one hell of an adventure. I haven’t explored another country, but I’ve explored me, my family, my boyfriend and my home. That has been one of the best adventures yet.

“Stop focusing on what went wrong, and try focusing on what went right”

You might be unhappy that you’ve gained a few pounds, but heck I bet you have tasted some fabulous food in doing so. And yes you may have started to drink too much alcohol, but I bet you have a few funny stories to tell. You might even be irritated that you haven’t gone outside enough, but aren’t you glad that you got to catch that movie with your family. New Years resolutions shouldn’t be about regretting your past; try to celebrate it instead.

I look forward to 2017 packing it with more travels. Not because I want to make up for what I didn’t do last year, but because I want to add to what I DID do.

Happy New Year Guys

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Inspiring women and showing them that they have the ability to do what they want in the world, is the main aim of this blog. It is the reason I document my adventures and travel stories. I want to show women and girls, that the world is their oyster. Just go out, and grab from it what you want.

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