Moroccan Dreams

After talking about it for sooo long, I finally have visited Morocco (which most of you have probably realised from my instagram!)

It’s a country that has been at the top of my ‘travel list’ for a while. The thoughts of busy souks, the Atlas Mountain range, the fabulous looking tagines and the bright Moroccan tiling/decor, have been pulling at my strings. I have also had the joy of listening to countless stories from my parents, who have visited the country many times through mission work.

However, I had always been a tad nervous about travelling to Morocco. Reading the stories of some other female bloggers (including this eye-opener from Lauren over at ‘Never Ending Footsteps’), left me anxious to do it alone. This would never have completely stopped me from going; it would just simply slow me down a little whilst I built my courage.

So when Adam offered to take me for my 21st birthday treat, I almost strangled him; squeezing so tight whilst jumping up and down saying yes yes yes! It was dream and the confidence boost I needed to go for it.

The week we spent exploring Marrakech has been amazing. It’s also been hugely eye-opening. Only once did I have a Moroccan gentleman tell me that he loved me and that I was beautiful, however even then I did not feel intimidated. Despite harassing us constantly to purchase a few beaded necklaces, there was still a kindness and raw need to provide for his family beneath it all. It was almost desperation. I mean, really how many tourists visit the side of the Atlas Mountains.

The only time in which I felt uncomfortable during the entire trip, was when visiting Jemaa el-Fnaa (the main square in Marrakech. Even then this was not due to the men. It was at the sadness of seeing chained monkeys being forced to sit on tourist’s heads. There were little tiny baby monkeys being hit with sticks to do flips. This is a big money making scheme for Moroccans along with snake charming, but not one that I would like to invest in. I do not have any photos of this, as it is not something I want to advertise nor choose to remember about my trip. But it is definitely a culture learning curve.

My favourite part of the trip (oh there are so many to chose from!), was wondering in the Souks that surround Jemaa el-Fnaa. They’re a magical maze of over 60000 shops! Although a lot of the shops of the same, turning each corner feels like seeing something new for the first time. I could not get enough of the bright colourful fabrics that flood many of the shops, and have managed to bring home enough cushions to fill the sofa!

On the whole Morocco was magic, and I can’t wait to fill you in even more about the adventures we wandered through during our trip. From camel rides with smelly legs, and having tea with a traditional Berber family in a small mountain village, to almost being sold for 50000 camels!

But for now, enjoy these photos!

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