About Me

Hi! I’m Abii, a 21 year old from Northern Ireland. I am a university drop out, a cereal job hunter and MAJOR adventure seeker. I have created this blog to share with you the adventures I take – telling and showing the crazy stories that I have along the way.

My passions lie in climbing mountains, running out of breath, immersing myself in new cultures, stepping outside my comfort zone and constantly having my mind blown!

So Why ‘Abiicadabra’?

When I was little, I dreamed of being a magician. I taught myself card tricks, asked for magic sets at Christmas and named my self the great ‘Abiicadabra’. I even had a theme song! I have since moved on from this dream (I can still do the odd card trick with advanced practice) but instead now look for magic elsewhere. In the adventures of hiking, travelling, living and just about anything else I can put my mind/body to.

A lot of the ‘solo female travel/adventure blogs’ are created by amazing women, who have been on the road for years exploring and taking part in wild activities. They all are far older than I am, and have racked up plenty of experience in adventuring around the world. Whilst their information has been invaluable in helping me planning my trips, I struggled to relate to them. I wanted someone on my level – beginner – and someone similar to my age. That’s why this blog was born, to be that someone. I want to record my musings, my stories and my adventures to fill you guys with the magic I feel when going along.

I also aim to inspire; inspire women like me to not be afraid of going out into the world alone, and young people like me to feel that they can do anything they put their mind to.

Enjoy exploring,

A x

(Find out even more about me here)